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The Cross Lanes Sharks Swim Team page has been prepared to provide general information to swimmers and their parents about the team, organization, practices and meet information. This site should serve you throughout the entire swim team season. Changes will be made annually if and when it’s necessary.

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March 2023

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Tuesday March 21
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Thursday March 23
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Sunday March 26
Monday March 27
Tuesday March 28
Wednesday March 29
Thursday March 30
Friday March 31

No additional events this month.

April 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Saturday April 1
Sunday April 2
Monday April 3
Tuesday April 4
Wednesday April 5
Thursday April 6
Friday April 7
Saturday April 8
Sunday April 9
Monday April 10
Tuesday April 11
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Friday April 14
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Sunday April 16
Monday April 17
Tuesday April 18
Wednesday April 19
Thursday April 20
Friday April 21
Saturday April 22
Sunday April 23
Monday April 24
Tuesday April 25
Wednesday April 26
Thursday April 27
Friday April 28
Saturday April 29
Sunday April 30

No events.

May 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Monday May 1
Tuesday May 2
Wednesday May 3
Thursday May 4
Friday May 5
Saturday May 6
Sunday May 7
Monday May 8
Tuesday May 9
Wednesday May 10
Thursday May 11
Friday May 12
Saturday May 13
Sunday May 14
Monday May 15
Tuesday May 16
Wednesday May 17
Thursday May 18
Friday May 19
Saturday May 20
Sunday May 21
Monday May 22
Tuesday May 23
Wednesday May 24
Thursday May 25
Friday May 26
Saturday May 27
Sunday May 28
Monday May 29
Tuesday May 30
Wednesday May 31

No events.

June 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Thursday June 1
Friday June 2
Saturday June 3
Sunday June 4
Monday June 5
Tuesday June 6
Wednesday June 7
Thursday June 8
Friday June 9
Saturday June 10
Sunday June 11
Monday June 12
Tuesday June 13
Wednesday June 14
Thursday June 15
Friday June 16
Saturday June 17
Sunday June 18
Monday June 19
Tuesday June 20
Wednesday June 21
Thursday June 22
Friday June 23
Saturday June 24
Sunday June 25
Monday June 26
Tuesday June 27
Wednesday June 28
Thursday June 29
Friday June 30

No events.

July 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Saturday July 1
Sunday July 2
Monday July 3
Tuesday July 4
Wednesday July 5
Thursday July 6
Friday July 7
Saturday July 8
Sunday July 9
Monday July 10
Tuesday July 11
Wednesday July 12
Thursday July 13
Friday July 14
Saturday July 15
Sunday July 16
Monday July 17
Tuesday July 18
Wednesday July 19
Thursday July 20
Friday July 21
Saturday July 22
Sunday July 23
Monday July 24
Tuesday July 25
Wednesday July 26
Thursday July 27
Friday July 28
Saturday July 29
Sunday July 30
Monday July 31

No events.

August 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Tuesday August 1
Wednesday August 2
Thursday August 3
Friday August 4
Saturday August 5
Sunday August 6
Monday August 7
Tuesday August 8
Wednesday August 9
Thursday August 10
Friday August 11
Saturday August 12
Sunday August 13
Monday August 14
Tuesday August 15
Wednesday August 16
Thursday August 17
Friday August 18
Saturday August 19
Sunday August 20
Monday August 21
Tuesday August 22
Wednesday August 23
Thursday August 24
Friday August 25
Saturday August 26
Sunday August 27
Monday August 28
Tuesday August 29
Wednesday August 30
Thursday August 31

No events.

September 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Friday September 1
Saturday September 2
Sunday September 3
Monday September 4
Tuesday September 5
Wednesday September 6
Thursday September 7
Friday September 8
Saturday September 9
Sunday September 10
Monday September 11
Tuesday September 12
Wednesday September 13
Thursday September 14
Friday September 15
Saturday September 16
Sunday September 17
Monday September 18
Tuesday September 19
Wednesday September 20
Thursday September 21
Friday September 22
Saturday September 23
Sunday September 24
Monday September 25
Tuesday September 26
Wednesday September 27
Thursday September 28
Friday September 29
Saturday September 30

No events.

October 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Sunday October 1
Monday October 2
Tuesday October 3
Wednesday October 4
Thursday October 5
Friday October 6
Saturday October 7
Sunday October 8
Monday October 9
Tuesday October 10
Wednesday October 11
Thursday October 12
Friday October 13
Saturday October 14
Sunday October 15
Monday October 16
Tuesday October 17
Wednesday October 18
Thursday October 19
Friday October 20
Saturday October 21
Sunday October 22
Monday October 23
Tuesday October 24
Wednesday October 25
Thursday October 26
Friday October 27
Saturday October 28
Sunday October 29
Monday October 30
Tuesday October 31

No events.

November 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Wednesday November 1
Thursday November 2
Friday November 3
Saturday November 4
Sunday November 5
Monday November 6
Tuesday November 7
Wednesday November 8
Thursday November 9
Friday November 10
Saturday November 11
Sunday November 12
Monday November 13
Tuesday November 14
Wednesday November 15
Thursday November 16
Friday November 17
Saturday November 18
Sunday November 19
Monday November 20
Tuesday November 21
Wednesday November 22
Thursday November 23
Friday November 24
Saturday November 25
Sunday November 26
Monday November 27
Tuesday November 28
Wednesday November 29
Thursday November 30

No events.

December 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Friday December 1
Saturday December 2
Sunday December 3
Monday December 4
Tuesday December 5
Wednesday December 6
Thursday December 7
Friday December 8
Saturday December 9
Sunday December 10
Monday December 11
Tuesday December 12
Wednesday December 13
Thursday December 14
Friday December 15
Saturday December 16
Sunday December 17
Monday December 18
Tuesday December 19
Wednesday December 20
Thursday December 21
Friday December 22
Saturday December 23
Sunday December 24
Monday December 25
Tuesday December 26
Wednesday December 27
Thursday December 28
Friday December 29
Saturday December 30
Sunday December 31

No events.

January 2024

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Monday January 1
Tuesday January 2
Wednesday January 3
Thursday January 4
Friday January 5
Saturday January 6
Sunday January 7
Monday January 8
Tuesday January 9
Wednesday January 10
Thursday January 11
Friday January 12
Saturday January 13
Sunday January 14
Monday January 15
Tuesday January 16
Wednesday January 17
Thursday January 18
Friday January 19
Saturday January 20
Sunday January 21
Monday January 22
Tuesday January 23
Wednesday January 24
Thursday January 25
Friday January 26
Saturday January 27
Sunday January 28
Monday January 29
Tuesday January 30
Wednesday January 31

No events.

February 2024

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Thursday February 1
Friday February 2
Saturday February 3
Sunday February 4
Monday February 5
Tuesday February 6
Wednesday February 7
Thursday February 8
Friday February 9
Saturday February 10
Sunday February 11
Monday February 12
Tuesday February 13
Wednesday February 14
Thursday February 15
Friday February 16
Saturday February 17
Sunday February 18
Monday February 19
Tuesday February 20
Wednesday February 21
Thursday February 22
Friday February 23
Saturday February 24
Sunday February 25
Monday February 26
Tuesday February 27
Wednesday February 28
Thursday February 29

No events.

About swim team

Communications regarding swim team will be posted on the bulletin board at the pool. Facebook and email blasts will be used to communicate any announcements made on this page. If you have any questions regarding swim team, please communicate directly with the swim team reps. Often messages are lost on Facebook as posts scroll down the page. Please do not rely on Facebook.

If you wish to receive email communications, please email us at crosslanespool@gmail.com

All swimmers are required to wear goggles. We recommend bringing an extra pair in case one breaks. Swimmers in 3rd group are required to have their own fins. Please see your head coach or swim rep if you need assistance.

The Meet Itself: When the meet begins, pay attention to the announcements that tell you what events are being swum. When one of your events is called, report immediately to your age group coach who will take you to the clerk of course and remain there until it is time to go to the starting blocks. At clerk of course:

– Swimmers are checked in before each event

– Lane assignments are reviewed

– Lane cards are given to each swimmer to take to the blocks

– Relay swimmers are placed in proper order

– Swimmers go to the starting blocks where they will start their event

– Age group parents help younger swimmers get to the starting blocks

Once at the starting blocks, pay attention to the starter as the starter is in charge from that point forward. The starter will give the command for the swimmers to get on the blocks, then take their mark and swim at the sound of the beep.

After the swimmer swims the event, the swimmer should exit the pool quickly and return to their area to wait his/her next event.

At the end of the meet, please clean up your area before leaving the pool.

Disqualifications: Each of the four strokes has rules governing the proper way that the stroke is to be done, including the start, the stroke itself, turns at the end of the lanes and the final touch. Coaches will instruct the swimmers on how to start and the proper techniques for each of the strokes. Swimmers who false start or use illegal stroke or turn techniques will be disqualified.

Entries: A list of events and swimmers will be posted on the swim team bulletin board prior to each swim meet. Once posted, changes may be made in the set up of the meet due to circumstances such as swimmer illness, family emergencies, etc. Swimmers may swim no more than 3 events and a relay.

The Parents’ Job: The parents’ job at each of the meets will be posted on the swim team bulletin board. Each parent MUST:

– Check the bulletin board before each meet to confirm your assignment for the meet

– Find a replacement if you cannot fulfill your commitment.

Swim team personnel and volunteers

The following is a brief description of each of the key jobs that must be done in order for the swim team to be a success and to make each season a fun, rewarding experience for each swimmer. More detailed job descriptions of many of the positions are available from the parent directors for your review.

Swim Team Rep(s): The Swim Team Rep(s) is responsible for overseeing all the aspects of the swim team, coordinating the committee chairpersons and assisting the Head Coach with administrative matters.

Starter: The starter is responsible for starting each event and for maintaining the starting equipment in good working order. Starters must be familiar with the proper way to start each event and for actions that require disqualification.

Stroke and Turn Judges: The stroke and turn judges are responsible for disqualifying swimmers who use illegal strokes, turns or touches or who leave early in relays. The stroke and turn judges must be familiar with the proper techniques for each stroke and must attend a stroke and turn clinic at the beginning of each season. Stroke and turn judges must turn in DQ slips to the scorers table in a timely manner.

Timers: The timers time each event. The team must supply one (1) timer for each lane for each meet.

Card Runners: Cards runners take cards from the swimmers for age groups 8 and under and get them to the timers on the shallow end of the pool. All cards must be collected after each event and taken to the scorers table along with the finish line judge sheet.

For age groups 9 and up, card runners collect the cards from the timers after each event and take them to the scorers table along with the finish line judge sheets.

At least six (6) card runners are needed for all events (except relays) in the 8 and under age groups. Only 2 are required for age 9 and up.

Ribbon Committee: This group is responsible for placing meet stickers on ribbons, labeling each ribbon with a swimmers name for each event at every dual meet. This group also files the ribbons in the swimmers ribbon box. Also, the time cards must be filed in the card box for the Coach. Three people are needed for each meet for all events and more is needed for relays.

Announcers: The announcer is responsible for all announcements at home meets including calling swimmers to clerk of course.

Clerk of Course: The clerk of course coordinators organize the swimmers at the check-in tent next to the well and ensure swimmers get to the bench in order to step behind the correct lanes at the proper times for their events.

Computer Committee: The computer committee shall work with the swim team rep and coaches imputing swimmers times and providing reports as needed.

Scorers Table: This task requires two people to accept time cards, finish judge sheets and DQ slips from runners and stroke and turn judges. This information is matched and sorted based on times. Places are assigned and final cards are passed onto the ribbon writing table.

Concessions: Volunteers are needed to help provide pasta salads and other side dishes.

About Cross Lane Recreation Association

Welcome to the home of the Cross Lanes Sharks! We have been a private recreational club since 1972. We are home to a championship swim team. We offer recreational and competitive swimming, swim lessons, tennis lessons, water aerobics, after hours parties, movie nights, and other fun activities. We are a family oriented environment and want you to join in the fun!

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